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Sona - LiMa Cakes


October 12/13
2 day class
Total Cost for 2 days - $1400 CAD

You will Learn

  • How to temper the chocolate in fast and easy way.

  • How to create any kind of mold for chocolate, using simple techniques and mediums

  • How to stack, ganache and cover real ball shape cake

  • How to make your own modelling chocolate and combine with tempered chocolate.

  • How to color tempered chocolate and create oyster pearl effect.

  • How to make wafer paper lace to layer with pearl gem

  •  How to cover and close second shell and make it open

  • How to secure your sculpture on a board for easy transportation.  

  • Student's will be working on a REAL cake

  • All supplies and materials provided for in-class use. Lunch and beverages will be served as well.

Please submit a booking request and we will send you information regarding price, deposit needed to secure your spot, and payment information including payment plan.

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