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Sona - LiMa Cakes


July 30
1 Day Class
Price is $1000 total


You will Learn

  • Learn about the different fondant brands and which types work for best for various techniques.

  • How to cover both cylinder and square cakes with textured fondant.

  • Make your own ganache with LiMa signature recipe.

  • Learn how to ganache cylinder cakes. 

  • Learn to carve and cover real and faux cakes with versatile shapes, which can be applied to both wedding and celebration cakes.

  • Work with wafer and Japanese paper to create textures and movement.

  • Discover unique textures and create fondant pieces using LiMa's signature melting method. 

  • Learn to work with different types of Dragées and handmade pearls to enhance and create movements.

  • Work with chocolate, test, understand, and learn how to achieve special textures by using different chocolate tools, as well as create the peeled paint texture using chocolate mixture and chocolate gun.

  • Assemble and secure for delivery, multi-tiered wedding cakes. 

  • Learn to make your own modelling chocolate and when and how to use it.

  • Learn to sculpt your cake using modelling chocolate and special unconventional tools.

  • Students will be working on a Faux cakes 

  • All supplies and materials provided for in-class use. Lunch and beverages will be served

Please submit a booking request and we will send you information regarding price, deposit needed to secure your spot, and payment information including payment plan.

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