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Marina Machado


May 20-21 
2 day class

10 am to 6 pm each day

Tuition is $1600 CAD

You will Learn

  • How to approach an unusual cake structure.

  • From concept to composition and execution - how to bring an idea to life and convey its message through its details.

  • Theory on sculpting - modelling, an additives sculpting process.

  • How to make a cake armature: gravity centre, materials, equipments and utensils.

  • How to stack/layer cake and filling when free sculpting a cake.

  • Theory behind minimalism and movement - the freedom of free sculpting without using a mould.

  • Theory, demonstration and practice on how to carve a 3d cake shape, ensuring cohesiveness inform and also stability in structure. 

  • How to work with ganache. Theory behind chocolate and its various mediums - how to use it indifferent environments.

  • How to cover a unusual cake shape with ganache.

  • How to bring the vase shape to life - the lines and its movement and the floating rim.

  • Techniques on how to create a ceramic finish to the vase cake.

  • Painting on ganache - how to create layers of paint to bring a bone lustre finish to the masterpiece.

  • Students will be encouraged to bring their own cake vase to life - conceptualizing, planning and execution      

  • Masterclasses structure and cakes

 * Demonstration and student’s execution with real cake.

**During the masterclass, the Instructor will be demonstrating stacking with ganached cake.


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