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What Makes Us Special


Learn from Expert Cake Artist

Be inspired and challenged

Push your limits, discover elevated levels of confidence

Enhance your business, offerings and customer experience 


Unique Experiences

Discover Your Creativity

Try New Ideas and Techniques

Learn in an environment designed and built by a Master Artist


Masters From All Over The World

Learn from the best masters from across the world

Experience different art forms from expert's perspective

Network with star artists and global peers

Our Story

At LiMa Academy, we are passionate about sharing our knowledge and love for creating edible art. From Beginner to Advance levels, we welcome all, to learn and elevate their skills. Our Academy is a unique place where creativity meets with freedom of artistic expression, new techniques intertwine with fresh ideas and inspiring vision. Our experienced teachers from all over the world will guide you through the wonderful world of cake decorating.

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What Our Students Say

"I never imagined I could make such beautiful cakes. Thank you to LiMa Academy, for inviting the star artist to come to Canada to teach  their techniques"


"The teachers at LiMa Academy are amazing! They are so patient and knowledgeable, and they really helped me take my cake designing skills to the next level."

Mary Johnson

"LiMa Academy is not just a school, it's a family. I made so many new friends, learnt so much about different cultures and cake design techniques. I can't wait to come back!"

Sarah Lee

"Caking is love made edible."

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